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MISTRAS Ropeworks® Center of Excellence is a leading provider of work-at-height equipment, training and services in North America. We have been honored to serve an important role in inspecting and maintaining vital infrastructure ― bridges, hydrological structures, and iconic structures such as Mt. Rushmore and Seattle's Space Needle. Our Wind Energy Services division specializes in inspection and maintenance of utility-scale wind turbine blades and towers using industry-leading rope access capabilities. Ropeworks® COE certified technicians are committed to professionalism, quality and exceptional customer service. The work is completed safely, efficiently and economically with a focus on minimizing downtime of the asset.

Rope Access Inspection on Mt. Rushmore

Wind Energy Services
Robin Rigg Wind Farm
Ropeworks® COE techs deployed off the coast of Scotland to perform inspections and repairs at Robin Rigg wind farm.

Ropeworks® COE specializes in inspection and maintenance of utility-scale wind turbine blades and towers using industry-leading rope access capabilities. Ropeworks® COE rope access teams provide expedient and cost-effective service because they don't rely upon lifts or cranes to complete most work.

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Bridge Inspection Services
Brooklyn Bridge Rope Access Inspection
Ropeworks® COE Technicians Inspecting the Brooklyn Bridge

Ropeworks® COE specializes in rope access bridge inspection using our team of certified bridge inspectors and network of professional engineers. Rope access allows our team to perform inspections while minimizing lane closures and undesirable impacts to the traveling public.

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Hydro Services
Rope Access Inspection on the Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam Inspection

Ropeworks® COE technicians perform inspections and maintenance of hydrological structures such as dams, radial gates and pipelines. Hoover, Grand Coulee and Glen Canyon Dams are among our consistent clients.

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Iconic Structures
Mt. Rushmore Rope Access Inspection
Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

We are proud to support the work-at-height needs of our friends maintaining North America’s iconic structures. Among other projects, our teams have designed rescue systems at Mt. Rushmore, managed geological mapping at Crazy Horse Memorial and also cleaned Seattle’s Space Needle.

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