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MISTRAS Services brings together a variety of state of the art resources to aid our client in developing, implementing and maintaining a Mechanical Integrity Program that meets the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.119 Section J.

Early mechanical integrity programs focused on corrosion as the main damage mechanism and inspection intervals were determined by a combination of corrosion rates and fixed intervals based in API 510, 570 and 653 codes. Many plants embarked on these programs as a way to comply with the federal mandate rather than initiate the program as a good business practice. However, as many industries continued to experience catastrophic equipment failures, less than reliable equipment operation and high maintenance costs, the need for a sound mechanical integrity program began to gain traction.

As stated in the PSM Standard, a sound Mechanical Integrity program needs to illustrate several important factors:
  • The program needs to be based on "Good Engineering Practice".
  • The program must be developed in a procedural fashion.
  • Plant inspections need to be carried out by certified inspection professionals.
  • Inspection results need to be documented and maintained in an organized fashion.
  • The program must meet the prevailing codes and standards available to industry.
Our mechanical integrity experts advise plants on the development of MI programs, critique existing programs and modify existing programs using advanced NDT technologies and risk based methodologies based on each facility's unique needs.

Highlights of our program include:
  • Grass Roots program development
  • Level I or Level II GAP analysis of existing programs
  • Traditional NDE support
  • Advanced NDE support
  • PCMS Mechanical Integrity Software
  • PCMS Software implementation services
  • PCMS RBI software and implementation
  • MI implementation services
  • Program Management

Key Benefits of our Program include:
  • Full Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduction in Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Plant reliability
  • Right sized inspection programs
  • Latest Risk Based software
  • Latest Risk Based NDT inspections
  • Single source implementation services
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