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MISTRAS’ Diving Center of Excellence (COE) provides industry-leading inspection services and solutions for assets in subaquatic and marine environments. The COE utilizes the expertise from trained MISTRAS technicians to provide asset owners with a wide range of inspections and maintenance solutions and professional resources to minimize asset downtime, enhance operations, and improve an asset’s lifespan.
Diving COE Overview
The Diving Center of Excellence (COE) welcomes the challenge of being a true “one source” provider of subaquatic and maritime asset protection solutions. Using advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment, the COE’s technicians are trained to observe the entire asset to discover hidden flaws, and incorporate use of preventative maintenance measures. Our experience and ability to identify and repair flaws allows for the timely delivery of services. Each COE technician is extensively trained to uphold a strong commitment for achievement and customer service.

MISTRAS’ Diving Center of Excellence (COE) specializes in providing surveys, inspections, and maintenance solutions for subaquatic and maritime assets in a variety of aquatic locations, including bridges, harbors, dams & reservoirs, and highly contaminated areas.

Our dedicated underwater services team is comprised of experienced and highly-qualified personnel from various engineering and scientific backgrounds. By merging multiple and highly technical skill sets, we have created a complete resource for underwater asset protection, providing:

  • Engineering & Inspection Services
    • Design
    • Analysis
    • Technical expertise/NDT
    • Surveillance
  • Construction & Maintenance Services
    • Corrosion Management & Prevention
    • Drilling & Blasting
    • Welding & Cutting
    • Forms
  • Environmental Services
    • Impact Studies
    • Species Surveys
    • Marine Surveys
  • Drinkable Water & Hazardous site Intervention
    • Waste Water
    • Nuclear
Diving COE Overview
The Diving Center of Excellence (COE) is designed to provide services and solutions to detect asset defects, improve asset health, and restore assets to their full operational capacity. Using state-of-the-art equipment, MISTRAS technicians are extensively trained in procedure and protocol, capable of deploying technical solutions in the maintenance of an asset’s mechanical integrity (MI), in a variety of conditions and locations.

The Diving COE provides customers with subaquatic asset and technical inspection services, performed by trained technicians who possess mastery knowledge of MISTRAS advanced NDT equipment, NDT techniques, and resources, extending to our full range of subaquatic inspection services.

The Diving COE provides specialized Inspection to perform:
  • Technical Surveys
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT), UT, MT, ACFM
  • 3D Imaging and Sonar Mapping Services
  • High Definition Underwater Photo and Video

Curriculum of Services

  • Bridges – COE Services offer applicable solutions in the maintenance of structural and mechanical components, available to all bridge types, including undermining survey, prediction, and repair, and asset protection solutions at, or below a bridge’s water line.
  • Harbors – Utilizing a combination of destructive testing (DT) and nondestructive testing (NDT) methodologies, trained technicians can examine harbor-based structures to determine material deterioration rates. Other NDT methods can also be used to inspect harbor structures which can be accommodate in any condition.
  • Dams & Reservoirs – Utilizing nondestructive testing methodologies and inspections, the COE Diving services extend to monitoring, repairing, and inspecting the civil engineering and mechanical components associated with dam and reservoir equipment.
  • Vessels – COE Divers provide accredited in-water surveys to inspect marine vessel componentry such as propulsion and direction components, hull, sea chest, etc.
  • Drinkable Water – Technicians follow specified procedures to ensure a proper intervention for drinkable sources of water, by providing dedicated equipmentto work in water watersheds without threat of contamination.
  • Contaminated Water – COE technicians are capable of working in various industry segments, including nuclear environments, waste water plant, etc
  • Corrosion Evaluation – Using knowledgeable expertise to prevent the corrosion process of existing assets and ensure the long-term function of metallic and potentially corrosive assets.
Diving COE Overview
The Diving Center of Excellence (COE) utilizes advanced NDT equipment and imaging technology to conduct inspections to accommodate specific environments, project requirement, and asset types. By incorporating advanced NDT equipment, technicians are provided with global views to map the asset, current condition, and determine the appropriate action and precise solutions to resolve the issue.

Specialized Inspection Equipment
  • 3D Sonar and Geo-Referenced Scanning
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
  • High Definition underwater Video and Photos
  • Magnetic Particle (MT), Standard Light, and Ultraviolet Lighting Techniques
  • Certified Welding/Underwater Welding
  • Bridge, Timber, Metal Underwater Pile Repair for Corrosion Management
  • Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)
  • Ultrasound A-Scan Thickness Scans
  • Marine Cathodic Protection (CP) & Impulse Systems
TankPAC is the only procedure available today for in-service testing of tank floors that has independent published verification of the results and reliability. These results are summarized from experience of tests on more than 1200 tanks.

View and Download our TankPAC Services Brochure

See the papers presented at the European Conference for Nondestructive Testing by TankPAC users, available from the Petroleum Institute of France recommended practice and the link below.

Read more about TANKPAC from NDT.net web page
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