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Asset Integrity Management refers to the management system that enables plant owners to maintain the integrity of its assets in a Fit for Service condition for the desired life of the assets. A sound AIMS program incorporates various aspects of equipment design, maintenance, inspection programs and operations in order to maximize the return generated from the assets based on their safe and efficient operation. The biggest benefit of a functional AIMS program is the ability to run your plant smoother and more efficiently. In short, the plant should see longer run times and shorter down time. This is easily equated to higher returns for the facility.

MISTRAS Services brings unique capabilities to its AIMS program. From Mechanical Integrity (and Risk Based Inspection) program development, Mechanical Integrity software, Advanced NDT techniques, Engineering calculations specifically utilized for at risk assets and On Line Monitoring of these assets, MISTRAS can customize a program for you. Or we may offer an independent assessment of the relative condition of your current program using a GAP analysis methodology.

Vast amounts of data are needed to manage the plant inspection environment. PCMS, our Plant Condition Management System, is a relational database software that stores and analyzes asset inspection data and determines corrosion rates, next inspection dates, retirement limits and flags suspect areas for follow up inspections. As a result of its "User Driven" functionality and world class service, PCMS is one of the most widely used condition management software systems in the world.

Our latest software development brings Risk Based Inspection into the PCMS mechanical integrity environment. Our RBI program analyzes the inherent risk in your fixed asset operations in terms of the probability of failure and the consequence of failure. After establishing the base risk of all of your fixed assets and therefore, your plant operations, MISTRAS is able to help to lower your risk based on reducing your probability of failure by providing highly effective inspections using Advanced NDT technologies that are chosen by anticipated damage mechanism of the asset. The combination of RBI inspection planning and advanced NDT techniques may allow plant operators to safely increase run times of critical plant equipment. However, based on the RBI results, some inspection frequencies may be increased based on the result of the Risk Based Analysis.

In addition to software and advanced technologies, MISTRAS also provides Engineering Fitness for Service, Finite Element Analysis and other fixed equipment mechanical engineering studies on an as needed basis. These studies provide critical data to plant operators in aiding in run, repair or replace decisions. In some cases, FFS studies are used to determine if a plant can operate the asset in a reduced capacity until the next shut down period. In this case, MISTRAS normally prescribes On Line Monitoring using Acoustic Emission technology to determine if the anomaly is propagating.

Our On Line Monitoring (View Brochure) is a comprehensive monitoring strategy that combines local sensing and decision making capability with a remote coordinating system that performs storage, display and analysis functions. It can be designed to provide alerts, perform damage assessments and recommend actions. On Line Monitoring benefits the user by providing: increased information for more reliable risk models, real time information on a structure's condition, improved risk management capabilities and improved emergency response.
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