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COE - API Turnaround Planning

The goal of turnaround planning is to ensure that plant and refinery inspections are completed as safely and efficiently as possible, and that necessary inspections are performed with regard to historical equipment data and known damage mechanisms. Abiding by the standards set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API), MISTRAS' API Turnaround Planning Center of Excellence (COE) helps clients meet these objectives.

The API serves as the industrial leader in developing operational standards and recommended practices for the inspection and maintenance of key operating assets. Our API Turnaround Planning COE develops inspection test plans designed to maximize safety practices, minimize environmental hazards, and ensure each client is in compliance with legislative and regulatory standards. Among others, MISTRAS offers API 510, 570, and 653 inspection services for assets and facilities throughout the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, and process industries.

Our Turnaround Planning teams pride themselves on individually developing the most effective inspection test plan for each client. Starting up to a year before the planned turnaround, we begin reviewing past inspection histories and trends to pin down recurring issues. As the inspection test plan takes shape, we define the major inspection discovery work that will be required during the shutdown, anticipate mechanical repairs that may arise during the discovery process, establish objectives and milestones, and navigate any organizational or situational barriers.

In addition to planning, our teams provide solutions for all stages of the turnaround process, including conducting inspections and coordinating long-term monitoring. Our inspections often result in detailed repair plans developed and issued in cooperation with the client's engineering department. To adapt our inspection plans to each client's specific needs, we employ proprietary technologies and make use of a wide variety of traditional and advanced nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection techniques, including, but not limited to:
  • Acoustic Emission (AE)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Traditional and Automated Ultrasonics (UT and AUT)
  • Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
At the conclusion of the turnaround process, MISTRAS produces a comprehensive inspection report for each piece of equipment involved in the turnaround. These reports detail the inspection results and the work that was completed, inform the client of any anticipated work to be expected at the next service interval, and recommend solutions moving forward. Clients can then use these reports for both the immediate and long-term management of their key operating assets.
API 510 Inspection
MISTRAS has gained an extensive wealth of experience planning and performing API 510 inspection services for in-service pressure vessels, deploying a wide array of solutions to identify signs of internal and external corrosion, erosion, cracking, weld flaws, wall thinning, and other metallurgical discontinuities.

In helping operators achieve API 510-compliancy, MISTRAS' NDT technologies support the inspection process by evaluating and managing the structural and mechanical integrity of pressure vessels throughout the entire refining or chemical process.

Adhering to API 510 guidelines, MISTRAS performs Fitness-For-Service (FFS), Probability of Failure (PoF), and rate of corrosion calculations to ensure pressure vessels remain in-service, in-market, and without risks of damage to both physical and human assets.
API 570 Inspection
MISTRAS Group adheres to the specified guidelines of API 570 for the inspection and maintenance of in-service piping circuits and pipelines in the oil & gas, power generation, and petrochemical facilities. In planning and conducting turnarounds for these assets, MISTRAS teams utilize Radiographic (RT), Ultrasonic (UT), and Acoustic Emission (AE) testing. MISTRAS follows API 570 guidelines to ensure piping systems and pipelines operate with full mechanical integrity, while allowing fluids, gasses, and other materials to safely travel through the piping systems.
API 653 Inspection
MISTRAS' API 653 inspection services are designed to help AST operators identify signs of damage, in addition to corrosion, leakage, cracking, or wall thinning. Utilizing planned inspection strategies, MISTRAS' solutions reduce the need for unnecessary tank openings, frequent interruptions, and threats of damage from unchecked areas. MISTRAS' trained and certified API inspectors achieve API 653 compliancy by conducting on-site, non-intrusive inspections to the tank's outer shell, tank floor, annular ring, and roof, without the expense of entering, draining, or shutting down a tank.

MISTRAS plans API 653 inspections by identifying a tank's condition grade, and establishing risk-based thresholds based on this determination. Using these results, turnaround planning teams can determine if they need to open tanks for decontamination and internal inspections. Through effective planning and real-time, on-line, and in-service monitoring, MISTRAS' technology-enabled inspection solutions help keep tanks operating safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
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