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Acoustic Emission (AE) Sensors
Our AE Sensor manufacturing facilities consist of full time sensor technicians, who assemble and test our AE sensors. We manufacture over 100+ types of standard sensors.

In the manufacture of sensors we have several ultrasonic cleaners, 5 curing ovens, many in-house developed sensor fixtures to aid in precision assembly, epoxy dispensers, soldering tools (using no-Lead solder), welders, finishing equipment including a capping machine, sanders, buffing and polishers, and many fine tools. We also have a laser engraving machine for engraving the product name, part number and serial number on each sensor.

For AE Calibration, we have multiple calibration stations, using two different AE sensor calibration techniques including a NIST equivalent and Traceable velocity calibration standard (which provides the same calibration result as the Primary Calibration station at NIST), per ASTM E-1106 and E-1781. In addition we also use a pressure calibration technique, reference ASTM E-976. We have developed our own Calibration Systems and software. Our calibration systems contain some of the same AE boards that we sell and support in the market. For example, our PCI-2, AE board is the main data acquisition board in our calibration station. Also, our ARB-1410 Arbitrary Waveform Generator board is used in each calibration system. We have also developed our own AE Sensor calibration software in order to automatically inspect and calibrate our sensors, providing a printout result of the calibration response curve for the sensor.

Vibration Sensors (Accelerometers)
Just as we fabricate our own AE sensors, we also manufacture a very complete line of vibration accelerometers. Our accelerometer manufacturing center is located right next to our AE sensor area since many of the assembly techniques and tools are very similar to one another. In addition, as we have done for the AE sensors, we use our own accelerometer calibration station using our own automated test software, the end result being that a calibration certificate is printed for each premium sensor we sell.
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