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Manufacturing Overview
Sensor Manufacturing
Machine Shop Facilities
Surface Mount Assembly
Quality Assurance & Control
Assembly Center
Test Department
Customer Services
NDT Automation Assembly
Shipping & Receiving
NDT Manufacturing


MISTRAS Products & Systems Division is an American manufacturing company. We have all the personnel & tools necessary to fabricate every product we design, in a high quality, high technology environment. We are fully capable of manufacturing any of our products within our expansive manufacturing facilities. Click below for more details.
Manufacturing Overview Manufacturing Overview
Find details about our manufacturing facilities and processes.
Sensor & Accelerometer Manufacturing Sensor Manufacturing
We produce over 100+ various AE & vibration (accelerometers) sensors.
Machine Shop Machine Shop Facilities
Get more details on our multiple full-featured machine shop facilities.
Surface Mount Assembly Surface Mount Assembly
High-speed, high-performance, electronic printed circuit boards.
Quality Assurance & Control Quality Assurance & Control
Quality inspection at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Assembly Center Assembly Center
This is where it all comes together; in our final Assembly Center.
Test Department Test Department
Performing tests on every electronic component that we produce.
Customer Services Customer Services
Available for Q&A, support and addressing any product concerns.
NDT Automation Assembly NDT Automation Assembly
Dedicated space for assembling large, automated Ultrasonics Systems.
Shipping & Receiving Shipping & Receiving
Fully equipped for packing any product or system, even the most delicate.
Stockroom Stockroom
Inventory control on raw materials and finished goods.
Heroes Wanted: At MISTRAS, we protect critical assets. Sound familiar? Current openings include: Technicians, Engineers, Programmers, Inspectors. Make our mission your next. Read more...
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Engineering services are not being offered and will not be rendered where prohibited by law or where the company is not licensed to provide engineering services if a license is required.
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