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Engineering Overview
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Our Engineering organization consists of various engineering talents and disciplines including; Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers, and Sensor Engineers. Many of our engineers hold advanced degrees including PhD's and Master degrees. Our staff is able to develop complete NDT systems from the sensors, to the electronic circuit boards, mechanical system packaging, software development, IT and internet related monitoring and reporting, application expertise, and robotic automation for industrial turn-key solutions.

Our IT staff is also managed out of engineering department offering a nationwide network linking our offices throughout the country, and develops Remote Internet Monitoring Applications with customer private web sites for monitoring status of their assets and structures.

Overall Design, Quality and Training:
Our Engineering organization is fully ISO-9001 quality certified. All our products are developed under the ISO-9001 system of procedures and work instructions.

Our designs start with design planning and generation of a design plan. Each engineer is responsible for developing design plans for all designs whether they are mechanical, electronic, software oriented, new designs or modifications. The document they develop must contain sections including a Project Overview and Description, References, Project Features and Specifications, Technical Description and Project Block Diagrams, Development of a Schedule & Activity Assignments, Development Costs, Product Costing, Design Output Documents, Design Verification, Design Reviews, and Design Validation. This requires project reviews and design reviews at given milestones during development to assure that the design is following and meeting all project goals and requirements. This way, there is a clear set of goals and objectives known before the development. A lot of the documentation developed during the design planning are used throughout the project and even form the basis of some of our user manuals and documentation.

In terms of training, our engineers have all been trained in the ISO-9001 quality standard including each procedure and work instruction they are responsible working towards. In addition all Engineers have taken the 40 hour Acoustic Emission Level II training course. In addition, our engineers are sent out for seminars on hardware, software and cutting edge technologies. Our engineers are also encouraged to utilize our other in-house courses and web training in other NDT Techniques, Microsoft product courses and OSHA courses.
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Engineering services are not being offered and will not be rendered where prohibited by law or where the company is not licensed to provide engineering services if a license is required.
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