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Engineering Overview
Electronic Development
Analog Development & Simulation
Mechanical Development
Software Development
Sensor Development
Product Testing
Certifications & Cert. Testing


At MISTRAS Products & Systems division, we may be the only AE and NDT company that has the full vertical integration of the product development and manufacturing function. Since we develop the hardware and software, we are in control to help you in any way that your needs require. Others who do not have control of their own hardware or software cannot make this claim. Click below for more details.
Engineering Overview Engineering Overview
Learn all about our engineering facilities and organization.
Electronic Development Electronic Development
Get details on our electronic development functions and design tools.
Analog Development & Simulation Analog Development & Simulation
Get more details on our analog development and simulation functions.
Mechanical Development Mechanical Development
Learn all about our mechanical development department.
Software Design Software Development
Find out about our software development facilities and capabilities.
Sensor Development Sensor Development
Learn about our complete sensor development and modeling capability.
Product Testing Product Testing
Complete laboratory facilities for fully testing our products.
Certifications & Certification Testing Certifications & Certification Testing
Discover some of our product certifications and how they're performed.
Heroes Wanted: At MISTRAS, we protect critical assets. Sound familiar? Current openings include: Technicians, Engineers, Programmers, Inspectors. Make our mission your next. Read more...
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Engineering services are not being offered and will not be rendered where prohibited by law or where the company is not licensed to provide engineering services if a license is required.
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