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MISTRAS Group is the recognized leader in delivering Advanced Proprietary Products, Systems and Services to the Oil & Gas industry. Our asset protection solutions enhance the ability of critical infrastructure to comply with safety and environmental regulations, extend their life, increase productivity, minimize repair cost, manage risk and most importantly, help avoid catastrophic disaster.

Advanced products, systems and services are used extensively in the Oil & Gas industry for a high degree of reliability, which supports improved safety, drives productivity, increases process availability and helps meet regulatory compliance standards. Our advanced technologies and techniques are utilized in Oil & Gas operations on the following critical assets to identify potential damage mechanisms:

  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers and Condensers
  • Piping
  • Rotating Equipment

Our Plant Condition Management Software, PCMS™, is the engine that drives the organization of inspection data and improvements to plant inspection plans. With the addition of the PCMS™ Risk Based Inspection module, MISTRAS has the ability to assess your Mechanical Integrity program and offer recommendations to help you optimize your inspection spending. This optimization is based on utilizing the correct inspection technique for the type of damage associated with your fixed and rotating asset. This customized plan yields increased reliability of your assets, reduced maintenance costs, shorter turnaround schedules (based on minimizing equipment in the turnaround) and increased operating income to the facility.

Throughout North America and the world, we maintain Centers of Excellence (COE) in NDT inspection technologies. With the use of a sophisticated, collaborative intranet network, our inspectors and engineers employ technologies, software & hardware that their colleagues may have developed in any one of our worldwide locations.
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Heat Exchangers
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Rotating Equipment
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Advanced NDT Products, Systems & Services for the Oil & Gas Industry
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