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MISTRAS Group is a leading, global, one-source provider of pipeline protection solutions for every phase of a pipeline’s lifecycle. We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of services and integrity-based nondestructive evaluation (NDE) solutions for pipelines, spanning key offerings in inspection, integrity, crawlers, and monitoring. We operate worldwide to simplify your condition management by providing a single source for all pipeline protection services so your operation can maximize safety, achieve regulatory compliance, and keep your pipeline running smoothly. We [re]assure your pipelines throughout their lifecycle.

Pipeline Services


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Products & Systems

MISTRAS designs a variety of Ultrasonic (UT) and Acoustic Emission (AE) testing devices for spot inspections and long-term monitoring of your pipelines. Stay informed of your line’s condition before damages start costing you.

Corrosion Through-Valve Leaking Wall Thickness Monitoring


MISTRAS simplifies your pipeline protection from new construction projects all the way through pipeline integrity assessments, utilizing custom-tailored asset protection programs and a global location and resource network. We’re prepared for both small and large projects, with access solutions and a fully-equipped vehicle fleet for nearly any terrain and location. | Find Your Local Office

  • Full complement of NDE technologies
  • RT and AUT Capabilities
  • Expansive Vehicle and Equipment Fleet
  • Maintenance
  • Data Management Software- PCMS®
  • Aboveground Survey Direct Assessments
  • Pipeline Condition Monitoring
  • Unmanned Aircraft Support
  • Emergency Response

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Engineering services are not being offered and will not be rendered where prohibited by law or where the company is not licensed to provide engineering services if a license is required.
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